The hotel is divided into two distinct sections – the old house and the new building. The old house dates back 140 years and despite being renovated to include modern facilities, it remains distinct in its traditional wooden style and arched windows. The new building consists of three floors and is a fusion of past and present.

Old Building

First Floor

Guests will find the lobby and café.

Second Floor

There are three bedrooms (Namprung, Khon and Mario)

New Building

First Floor

A small food area reminiscent of an old Thai-style kitchen where guests can enjoy Thai snacks

Room No.9, a library and tourist information area where guests can read, play board games and watch movies.

Two deluxe rooms (Maskati and John Samson)

Second Floor

one deluxe room (Te Horjia tea)

One grand deluxe room with garden view (Sri Rajchasongkram)

One dorm-style/family room that sleeps four with two bunk beds (Chinese opera)

Two dorm-style/family rooms that sleep six people with three bunk beds (Siamkammajon and Old market)

A shared bathroom with separate male and female sections. The female section has a digital door lock for private entry only.

Third Floor

A lady’s-only floor which is secured with a digital door lock for privacy and security.

One dorm room which sleeps four people in two bunk beds (Opium room)

Two dorm rooms that sleep six people in three bunk beds (Photographers room and Floating house).

A shared bathroom.