Living space: 15 sqm.

Chinese opera was most popular during the reign of King Rama V. These performances told stories about history, culture and beliefs and were shown in theatres in the Yaowarat area (Bangkok’s Chinatown). They were very popular with locals and aristocracy; in fact, some royals even had their own theatres hosting private opera performances.

This guest room sleeps two in a Chinese-style bunk bed. The walls are adorned with operatic figures, traditional clothing and photos from a time when this art form was at its height in popularity. Come and experience life at the opera before it disappeared out of people’s lives for good. Despite being a dorm-style room, the focus is on history, style and comfort. Escape Bangkok’s busy streets in this peaceful haven.

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Amenities in room

  • Towel
  • blanket
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • slipper
  • shampoo & con.set