Living space: 40 sqm.

The stunning Maskati room celebrates the historic connection between India and Siam. The design of the room is a fusion from both countries, heavily influenced by the block-printed fabric imported by India’s most famous trader in Thailand, Abdul Tyeb Maskati.

It combines traditional Thai design with a heavy Indian influence. The unique patterns are showcased throughout this stunning double room on material, soft furnishings and also printed on the wooden furniture. Relax in comfort and style while embracing the beautiful designs found all around. There is so much to discover in this room, so please come, embrace the past while enjoying all the modern luxuries this stunning room has to offer.

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Amenities in room

  • Coffee Machine
  • Towel
  • blanket
  • toothbrush
  • toothpaste
  • slipper
  • shampoo & con.set
  • Pajamas